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Review: Santa's Hockey Shootout

Santas Hockey Shootout Online GameSanta's Hockey Shootout is a fun and quick game.  In between his downtime of traveling around the world, giving out presents, Santa likes to unwind by strapping on a pair of skates and heading out to his backyard rink in the North Pole to practice his hockey skills.

In this flash game, you control Santa practicing his shots against a goalie.  You get 12 attempts to score on the goaltender.  Use your mouse to aim where you would like you shot to go and click the mouse to shoot.  Sometimes the puck will be on Santa's stick and sometimes he will receive a pass for a one timer.  See how many goals you can score.  You will get points for every goal scored as well as bonus points if you happen to hit one of the presents that randomly float by.

All in all, its a fun, quick game.  My only complaint is that it's limited to 12 shots and thats it.  It makes the game much quicker than it needs to be.  If there was another version in which you could take as many shots as you like, perhaps a practice mode, this game could be 10 times better.  The best part of this game is the one timers.  They are a little more difficult, but much more fun to shoot.  Who doesn't enjoy a good one timer!

But it's definitely still a fun little hockey game that should keep you entertained.  Or if it's around Christmas time, a great game to put you in the holiday spirit.  Try playing it out for yourself and see what you think.

Review: Vancouver In 2010 Hockey Challenge

Hockey Game Vancouver In 2010 Hockey ChallengeGo for gold and put your hockey skills to the test in Vancouver In 2010 Hockey Challenge, a fun and addicting hockey game where you must score as many goals as you can on a five on none powerplay.  The fun part about this game is that you get to choose which Olympic hockey team you want to play as.  Choose from one of the eight top Olympic squads out there.  Whether you want to play as Team USA, Team Canada or even play as Slovakia. 

Once your hockey team is selected, select your difficulty.  It's pretty basic and if you find the game too easy, you can always change your difficulty which will increase your score the harder you play the game. 

Once the game has started, you will notice your teammates in set positions.  Pass the puck to whichever player you want by using the arrow keys.  You can move the puck diagonally by pressing two arrow keys at once.  Keep passing the puck to try and get the goaltender to move out of position.  You will notice a target in the net.  This is where your player will try and score a goal.  You will notice the longer you wait, the more the target will move.  When you want to try and score a goal, press the spacebar key to fire a shot at the net.  Once you shoot the puck, regardless of if the goalie makes a save or a goal is scored, you will get another puck.  The aim of this hockey game is to score as many goals as you can before time runs out.  Once time runs out, the game is over and your score will be calculated based on how many goals you end up scoring.  Be quick, as you only have 45 seconds to score goals. 

Vancouver In 2010 Hockey Challenge is really a fun and simple hockey game and with a quick time for each game, it's really easy to get lost in this game and play it repeatedly.  It's definitely a great game to play if you just want a fun pick me up or are just wanting to play a simple game during your break at school or work.  If you want to make the game more fun, challenge your friends and see who among you is worthy of placing a gold medal around there neck.  See you on the podium!

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